What is Microsoft Relationship Sales and how can it help your business?

Published by: Nathan Fulham Published date: 09 Apr 2018 Categories: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Dynamics 365 for Sales, Sales Navigator

What is Microsoft Relationship Sales and how can it help your business

This solution combines Dynamic 365 for Sales with the powerful LinkedIn Sales Navigator creating a multitude of new business benefits.

Sales teams within an organisation will be in a position to access information for the world’s leading professional network with this exciting new integration meaning critical sales contacts and associated details are within easy reach. Nucleus research has determined that this one added tool has driven an increase of 12 – 15% in time taken to close deals.

Microsoft Relationship Sales is a game-changer for sales people not because it integrates social data with a CRM (other solutions already do this) but because it provides a direct line into the vast volume and granularity of business relationship data available within LinkedIn.

Dynamics 365 for Sales already enabled users with the ability to combine Office 365 with their sales software and other Microsoft applications and services such as PowerBI. But the LinkedIn access promises to take sales staff capabilities to hunt down prospects, find promising new opportunities and build productive relationships to a whole new level.

Drilling down into practical and real-world benefits of using Microsoft Sales Navigator, the solution can deliver the following business benefits: 

  • Access over half a billion LinkedIn professional profiles to gain a better understanding of their current customers and identify new leads.
  • AI-created recommendations for preferred actions based on data from e-mail, customer relationship CRM, and LinkedIn.
  • Automated notifications on buyer relationship status based on engagement levels.
  • Automated updates on relevant lead or contact status changes such as promotions or change in role. 

After Microsoft acquired LinkedIn many experts speculated as to how they would use this acquisition with their existing range of business solutions and there is little doubt that LinkedIn’s data has significantly increased the power and versatility within Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM.

Nucleus research bears testament to his enhanced capability in analysing the past two year’s CRM ROI case study data, and the experiences of Sales Navigator users, the research company determined that sales users could expect a 12 to 15 percent productivity boost from the new Microsoft integration.

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