What is Microsoft 365 and why you should be using it?

Published by: Nathan Fulham Published date: 31 Jan 2018 Categories: Microsoft 365 Business

What is Microsoft 365 Business and why you should be using it?

Microsoft 365  incorporates productivity tools, real and practical business applications, security features, mobile device management and IT security measures to ensure businesses operate as safely and efficiently as possible. This game-changing new solution is set to become the only platform your business needs to run daily operations.

Security Factor

Security is rapidly rising in the list of priorities for business chiefs as issues like hacking, data protection and sophisticated cyber-threats come to the fore.  Microsoft 365 deals with this concern to ensure that businesses operate as safely and efficiently as possible.  It is powered by EMS (Enterprise Mobility and Security) which provides automatic and universal enforcement of security policies thereby dramatically reducing any risk of data breaches. Devices are constantly protected receiving the latest updates, and built-in encryption locks down lost and stolen devices.

Imagine the convenience of taking care of all these security concerns from a unified dashboard where you can manage everything from security groups and user policies to device configuration and remote data wipe from company devices.

Convenience of the Cloud

Tired of remembering passwords to different applications or enduring the learning curve that comes with each new online tool? Maybe you're looking for a specific file and it's only available on a device that is out of reach. The answer to these kind of scenarios is to simplify your IT requirements by eliminating the need for a range of third party solutions, and take advantage of the convenience, mobility and range of instantly available business-boosting applications that are available on the cloud.

Microsoft 365 fulfills a very real need in the marketplace enabling  organizations to make the jump to the cloud and work smarter, better and faster than ever before, while backed up by the robust security resources provided by Microsoft which are more and more necessary as we enter the era of advanced cyber threats, data regulation and sophisticated hacking techniques.

Real Business Benefits

Microsoft 365 is for you if you want to:

tick.png   Have the power of a CRM, payroll service and email marketing service in one place

tick.png   Control how your business information appears on Facebook, Google, Bing and Yelp by editing company information and monitoring reviews

tick.png   Create announcements and newsletters, as well as monitor referrals and issue incentives, such as discount codes, to top referrers. (Check who has opened emails and who has clicked on links)

tick.png   Create custom-made, professional invoices for customers. The invoicing feature syncs with QuickBooks and Dynamics 365, and can also track pending payments, set sales tax, add discounts and transform estimates into invoices

tick.png   Have Windows Defender enabled with automatic updates so security features are constantly up to date. In addition a business owner can wipe company data from lost or stolen devices if necessary

tick.png   Manage employee access by creating distinct groups of employees and adjusting permissions associated with each group to access files, applications etc.

tick.png   Employ mobile device management so that you can prevent employees from copying and pasting company data into personal email messages and protect company information (request a specified PIN to access work accounts)

tick.png   See a customer's full profile on the same screen as Outlook enabling you to build and maintain customer relationships, and doing away with the need to flip between multiple windows

tick.png   Easily set up appointments through a simple webpage that integrates with Facebook. Once an appointment is created, it’s added to your workers' calendars and updates automatically

tick.png   Track worker mileage through automatic drive detection and mileage logging, and access analytics that report on the data

tick.png   Manage scheduling and timetables and equip managers with the ability to plan employee hours