19 May 2016

Speed Up your Wireless Network with Aruba Instant

Published by: Martine Velkeniers

As technology continues to evolve, and employees are becoming more mobile the number of wireless accessing the network is quickly growing. These devices need reliable and fast connectivity to deliver the reliable user experience today’s user have come to expect. However a lot of times wireless network have not kept up with modern standards. Cost, complexity, and time to implement have been some of the greatest barriers preventing existing wireless networks from keeping up with hordes of new high speed devices that are constantly requesting wireless connectivity.

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03 May 2016

How can intelligent Wi-Fi impact on your business?

Published by: Sinead Woods

An independent research report by Lopez Research was carried out into the topic of Wi-Fi investments and how they can impact on your business.  They produced an interesting on-demand webinar around this which can be viewed in full at any time here. For those of you short on time, we’ve taken the time to view the webinar and created this blog with the key takeaways from this.

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