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Published by: Nathan Fulham Published date: 04 Dec 2017 Categories: Microsoft, Digital Transformation, ERP


Microsoft’s Tier 1 ERP system was first released way back in 1998 and has since gone through 9 major releases. The latest one redefines what ERP does, how people work with it, and the value it delivers for organisations.

What has changed?

• Talent acquisition modules that leverage the full power of Microsoft’s LinkedIn for attracting the best staff.

• Marketing and sales automation for best practices across marketing channels including social media and performance management reporting and analytics.

• A collaboration module to speed up how teams work and share together.

• Insightful analytics guiding knowledge workers to nuggets of information.

This new and evolutionary version of Microsoft’s Tier 1 ERP, called ‘Operations’, is in the cloud to make it instantly available, cutting project implementation times dramatically and making ERP data more secure than you can make it on premise.

To sum up, it’s more powerful, accessible, easier to deploy and secure than anything out there.

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Codec is the only company currently working with ‘Operations’ customers in the Irish market. We have designed an ERP lab where finance professionals can spend half a day exploring the evolution in Tier 1 ERP systems.

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Codec – Microsoft Partner of the year for ERP and CRM, Ireland, 2017 and Microsoft Country Partner of the year for Ireland, 2017

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