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06 Oct 2017

Codec- Microsoft Event 2017

Published by: Nathan Fulham

Codec will be holding its annual Microsoft-focused event on November 2nd 2017. This event will involve Codec’s business partners talking about their experiences using Microsoft’s suite of products, and how these same products have helped transform their business processes.

Codec intend to provide a platform for businesses with like-minded concerns and aspirations to talk to one another, to learn, and to grow their knowledgebase so they can leverage and extract the maximum possible benefit from their arsenal of Microsoft software.

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17 Aug 2017

Microsoft overtakes Salesforce.com - Forrester

Published by: John Roddy

Salesforce.com has led the market for decades. Their dominant position however as the market leading CRM software platform provider appears to be under threat from Microsoft according to the latest Forrester report.

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